When you have a financial goal to meet with a certain deadline, asking for support can seem like a nerve-racking experience.

If you are short of your goal with just a week or a few days to go, use this time-sensitive crowdfunding email to spur your supporters to action!


Dear [recipient’s preferred name],


[Local farmer campaign’s end date] is almost here! Do you know what that means?
It means that we only have [number] of days left to raise [amount] for [farm, project cause, etc.].


Would you consider supporting with XXX [or other small amount] to help us reach our goal for this local farmer? A $20.00 support could [list out goals in as much detail as possible].


We would also appreciate it if you would share the crowdfunding campaign page on Facebook and Twitter to help us reach more people please.


We could not have raised as much as we already have without the help of people like you. Please join us and make a support by [deadline] to help this local smallholder farmer [fix problem, accomplish goal, etc.].


Thank you in advance for your support.



[Trustee Organization]