You can send a general crowdfunding email to anyone at any time in your campaign. However, there are optimal times to send out this type of crowdfunding message:

  1. At the very beginning and end of your campaign.Nearly half of all crowdfunding campaign funds are raised during the first and last three days of the campaign’s duration. Sending out emails during these times will encourage more people to donate to your campaign to help you get your fundraiser off the ground and the cross the finish line.


  1. Whenever you hit a fundraising milestone. If you’ve raised half of your goal or received a particularly large donation, you should use that opportunity to send an email out to your supporters and update them. When recipients see that other people are contributing to your campaign, they’re more likely to make a donation themselves.


Let’s take a look at a general crowdfunding email template that you can send out at any point during your crowdfunding campaign.