Sample Email or Newsletter to Your Staff and Network


Subject: New Partnership with Growsel


Hello Friends,


We are working on developing a partnership with Growsel - the Agricultural Technology crowd-funding startup connecting under-financed smallholder farmers with supporters around the world. They offer low interest farm-loans, and we thought this could be a great resource for you - a smallholder farmers in our community. Through our partnership we can now invite local farmers and provide access to their lending program.


Farm-loans are crowd-funded on the Growsel website by individuals around the world who invest with as low as $20.00 or more. They have a network of thousands of lenders and supporters funding with success rate of over 90%.


We can send folks directly to the Growsel program here: [insert invitation link – Growsel YouTube link here]



[Trustee Organization]




Dear [recipient’s preferred name],


We hope that you are doing well! [Insert a relevant or personal anecdote].


As you may have heard, we are raising money for our local smallholder farmer, and we could really use your help. We have already raised [amount], but we are trying to make it to [amount] by [deadline/date].


Even a small farm-loan support would help our farmers reach their goal. They plan to use the money to [list out goals in as much detail as possible].


You can make a support on his/her crowd-funding campaign page by clicking here [insert URL to campaign page]. Feel free to share our campaign on Facebook and Twitter, too!


Thank you in advance for your support. Please let us know if you have any questions about the campaign, his/her goal, or [local farmer’s agricultural cause, farm project, etc.].

Thank you in advance for your support.



[Trustee Organization]