Sample Email or Newsletter to Potential Borrowers


Subject: Check Out Growsel


Hello Friends,


Last week we had the opportunity to partner with Growsel - the Agricultural Technology crowd-funding startup connecting under-financed smallholder farmers with supporters around the world. They offer low interest farm-loans and we thought this could be a great resource for you.  


Growsel loans are exclusively for smallholder farmers and agric-related purposes, such as access to enhanced farming inputs and agricultural equipment, insurance, direct farm labour, access to market, etc.


Farm-loans are crowd-funded on the Growsel website by individuals around the world who support with as low as $20.00 or more. It’s a powerful marketing platform that can get your farm exposure to new potential supporters, lenders and advocates.  Their funding success rate is over 90% and the process only takes a few weeks. 


You can learn more here: [insert invitation link – found at Growsel's YouTube handle here]




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