Once you have reached your goal (and even if you did not), you must send out acknowledgement emails to everyone who contributed to your campaign.

Your acknowledgements should be thoughtful and genuine. You may even need to give some of your supporters a phone call if they went above and beyond to help you raise money for your local farmer.

Use this template when you go to write your crowdfunding acknowledgement emails.


Dear [recipient’s preferred name],


Thank you so much for being a part of our agricultural crowdfunding campaign! Thanks to you and many others, we were able to raise [amount] to [accomplish goal, fix problem, etc.] for our smallholder farmer.


Your support and empowerment will [list out goals in as much detail as possible].
Thank you again! You have no idea how much your support means to these farmers!


Thank you for your support.



[Trustee Organization]


The key to a great agricultural crowdfunding acknowledgement email is to be as specific as possible about what the supporter’s money is going toward. That way, they feel like their support has made a real difference!

You can take these templates and use them as is or you can use them as the foundation for your own emails.